Holiday Wishes

2:30 in the morning, and here I sit. I heard something in the living room, but it’s too early for that guy to arrive (we don’t have a chimney, anyway, and I ate the cookies)…probably one of the cats on mouse patrol. They’ve been busier than retailers this year, as the colder weather has driven the little rodents inside in greater numbers.

I checked the weather reports and there are a lot of people who will spend part of their holidays sleeping on the floors in airports and train stations. It’s easy to complain about things beyond our control, especially when we’re tired and cranky, but I don’t know what the airlines or Amtrak can do about snow and ice storms.

Along with frigid temperatures, snowdrifts, and icy roadways, winter also seems to bring with it a bit of mental chaos. We’re at the end of the year and it’s natural to reminisce, to ponder the good things that happened to us, and what went wrong. With the national elections now history (sorry, Minnesota) the future is again exciting and uncertain, just as it always is.

If I had one Christmas wish, it would be that people stopped shouting at each other long enough to agree on how to make some real everyday changes, of the kind that would lead to fewer children going hungry. That would be a start. It must be hard to say the Pledge of Allegiance when your stomach hurts.

Wherever you are, my wish is that you find what you want in the New Year, simply and happily.


One thought on “Holiday Wishes”

  1. Happy New Year to you and Kathy! I have a Canon powershot also – and I carry it with me everywhere. Its just a lot of fun to remember I can shoot and save (and delete if I want) anything that I see. It makes me so much more aware of the world around us. Tell Kathy Hi!Sharon on Randall St

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