Time Travel

In 1954 my grandparents lived in a large house that featured a row of stately trees curbside (poplars, I think). A modest airport…more like an airfield, actually, being suited only for small planes…sat across the street. I was four then, and climbing into one of those prodigious trees is my first reliable memory, and why poplar music sounds so different than any other.

That was also the year that actor Hal Holbrook began building a Time Machine, a construction to make even Ray Bradbury proud. He called it Mark Twain Tonight and, as I discovered this past week, it’s still running ahead at full-steam. There’s no doubt that it’s Mr. Twain on stage, moving about nervously while giving out his (mostly) humorous opinions of the world and humankind.

Mr. Holbrook stays out of sight during the performance, but we can be assured he has his hand on the throttle.


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