"On Your Left!"

Somewhere in Great Britain, I’m sure, there are potholes in the roadway waiting to maim passing tires, be they bicycles or caravans. But I haven’t seen one…not one. What’s going on here?

As I think further on this, I realize I haven’t seen much roadwork, either, no crews patching deficient spots or otherwise maintaining the road.

Admittedly, my over-the-road experiences in England, Scotland and Wales are limited: I drove in all three countries in 2005, nearly a thousand miles over two weeks, and recently completed a second visit where I used public conveyance (i.e. The Bus) instead. And still…no potholes. Sure, I saw a couple of indentations that may be the start of something bigger, but they have far to go to reach the prodigious circumferences of our best holes. I’m not kidding when I tell you we had ducks in one of ours over the winter.

This pothole shortage means there are fewer jobs available, which hurts the economy, but on the other hand their absence may actually reduce crime. Like firearms, there’s little rage here. Without the stress of constantly avoiding real pitfalls, and expensive trips to the alignment shop, British drivers are able to concentrate on driving. On manners, and the give-and-take which once made The Sunday Drive an enjoyable event.

Now, if I could only get them on the right side.


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