The Perfect Lens*

I used a Canon 135 f/2 lens to take the majority of my photos in England last month. But why call it the perfect lens?

1. It is a very sharp lens.
2. It has an entrancing bokeh: used at its widest aperture backgrounds appear soft and, dare I say, painterly. The ability to isolate a subject against its background, and to utilize extremely limited depth-of-field, is a strong point for this lens.
3. It’s lightweight and handles easily, considering its 72mm filter diameter.
4. Focus is near instantaneous, and accurate in low light.
5. The large aperture allows me to focus manually without wearing glasses.
6. The minimum close-focusing distance of three feet allows for decent close-ups, if not macro.
7. It was the desired focal length for the landscape as I saw it.
8. Collectively the above attributes meant it fit my style.

*The Perfect Lens, n., that lens which, at any given time, best satisfies a photographer’s demands both artistically and commercially.


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