Thank You, England

Prior to visiting England last month my expectations were simple, hopeful: I would again see nice places and meet nice people, as I had in 2005. The verdict?

To resurrect an old sports metaphor, my experiences were so excellent (with perfect landings) that even the Russian judge was obliged to hold up “10.”

Much of this accrues to the fact my wife and I were walking and not indebted to a car to get around: consequently, time wasn’t as important as we think it is when we’re in a motorized hurry. Or, rather, it wasn’t as noticeable. Each day we had some place to be (a bed and breakfast or pub) but the clock didn’t loom above us: we’d eventually get there, all in good time.

Yes, for us it was the best of times and while I’ll write more about the trip in the days to come, for now let me say simply Thank You, England.


2 thoughts on “Thank You, England”

  1. By the way – I came across the canel to take care of good weather for your. You don’t have to thank me – it was fun to do anyway since I grabed a piece of it myself.I did like the line about the russia. Do you remember those days when they came on the ice to present there cardboard numbers?

  2. I don’t think anyone believes the Russian judge ever held up a 10, and from comments made while we were in England…no one believes we had eleven days of hiking without rain! But you and I know it’s true, and we have pictures as proof.

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