April is the one month in a year that invariably sneaks up on me…and then it’s gone. It was no different this year, although in fairness I spent a great deal of time planning an upcoming trip to England. We were two weeks into the month when my wife noticed the office calendar was stuck on March.

Since my mother’s birthday is on April 30th it should be an easy month to remember: but her middle name is May, which only compounds my problem.

I also have to say…I didn’t have a lot to say over these past weeks, at least anything worthy of your visit. I’ve become a bit soured on words, as the primary campaigns have degenerated (as they often do) and careless words are tossed about by people of all political faiths. I only expect it to worsen, and so am vowing not to look…read…or listen to any of it until sometime after June 1st (it’s no coincidence that I return from England on that day). If I get a bit of sand in my ears, that’s my problem.

So that’s it from me until early June. I’ll tell you about my experiences walking the Dales Way footpath and share a few photos from our holiday when I return.


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