Photoshop has become, literally, an industry. I wish I had a gigabyte of memory for every how-to book published about it.

It’s also become an obsession for some photographers. As we’ve seen on at least two occasions in the past year, a news photographer used it to enhance reality: the original apparently lacked drama. Both men were fired from their jobs after the alterations were discovered.

I’m not going to lose my job over a picture, even though I do admit that the photo here is unreal. For starters, I bled all the colors out of it with Desaturate. After a closer inspection I decided it needed a bit of sharpening, so I clicked on Unsharp Mask. Before adjusting the tonalities using Curves I added Film Grain and Bingo!, part of southern Utah just as I might have recorded it in 1968 on 620 film!


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