One Last Look, Then Back to The Rains

Most of last weekend’s snowfall has melted away in the valley: dirty chunks of it are scattered in ditches and under trees on the shady side of hills, but the rest…like this scene from Sunday afternoon…is gone. As it melts and combines with the ensuing rain, we’re left with a sodden landscape. Even my horse agrees: it’s a mess out there.

And it’s not likely to improve soon: several feet of snow is predicted in the central mountains over the next week, with rain falling everywhere the snow doesn’t. Blowing snow, whiteouts and slides closed several highways around the state today. There’s no place to hide from Winter right now.

Of course, that won’t stop photographers from being out in the worst of it. Newspapers need front page photos, after all, and with landscapes almost surreally transformed the rest of us need to take a stab at it too. Protecting cameras and lenses against snow and rain becomes important and may be as simple as wrapping a towel around everything, but for prolonged periods outside there are commercial rain covers available that fit most body/lens combinations. The one I’ve used, and trust, is the Storm Jacket. After three hours wandering about the neighborhood Sunday in a steady snowfall, not a drop penetrated mine. For those who like to photograph on inclement days this accessory may be as necessary as waterproof boots.

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