As I mentioned in my previous post, interesting weather usually snubs our area…but not today. All week the local forecasters had checked and rechecked their computer models, satellite images, and databases, and in the end mostly smiled and said, Good Luck!

And if you were a photographer today, walking around my neighborhood, you were lucky. The landscape assumed the beautiful, muffled atmosphere only snow storms can bring, and it arrived without biting winds or subfreezing temperatures. The snow fell continuously for eight hours, never too heavily yet relentlessly as it topped seven inches in our area.

Being Sunday, only a few people were outside. Several had their dogs with them, like the couple in this photograph. Everyone seemed to be having fun, and why not?

The falling snow was a wonderful light modifier, and eliminated distractions you’d normally see on this walk…the occassional pothole or beer can, and in summer brown, weed-choked ditches…so that the subtleness of the subjects, and light, dominated by their simplicity.

The abandoned pickup truck is only a quarter mile along from the colorful fruit stand, and though I’d passed them many times I’d never shot a picture of either. The visual clutter surrounding them had always been too great (for me)…but not today.


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