Going, Going…

The last, beautiful week of August is streaking by, Labor Day is imminent, and some unlucky kids have already started a new school year. With its cool demeanor and pleasant days, summer 2007 lulled me into believing it would stretch on indefinitely. But piles of Half Off! Summer Clearance! merchandise don’t lie. A few rebels will doubtless flipflop well into October, but it’s too little, too late. Baseball is having pennant races while football settles over us like a stagnant cloud. The black-tailed fawns that browse around our house are losing their spotted coats, and only a couple of hummingbirds remain at the feeders, by turns defiant or lonesome, depending on my mood. Even an order for iced coffee brings a questioning look from the baristas now. Everything, and everyone, it seems, is moving on to autumn.

It’s too bad we can’t move the seasons around, like presidential primaries, but we’d never agree on their order or frequency.


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