Not Exactly Denver

There are areas of Oregon where Winter is a cold, hard fact.
From the Cascade Range eastward toward the high desert, snow,
ice, and numbing cold are normal. The all-time low temperature
in the state was -54F in 1933, in Seneca, a small community
located in a high valley on the East Side. Here in the southern
Willamette Valley, with elevations in the range of 400-500 feet,
snow is an infrequent visitor, but it makes news when it sticks
around. Schools were closed yesterday with barely three inches
on the ground. Three inches! I can hear everyone in Denver laughing
at the notion. But snow and ice aren’t the real danger for us: it is
the motorists who believe studded tires and all-wheel drive are
a substitute for common sense. The News at 5:00 will broadcast
their latest slippery maneuvers.

In a day or so we’ll return to complaints of too much rain, and put
the extra comforter back in the closet, and forget just how good
our weather really is.


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