Shining Mountain

Every year approximately 15,000 people attempt the arduous climb of Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. Forty percent are successful. At the end of September, 2006, my friend and fellow photographer Ulrich Rossmann left his home in Berlin and ventured to this highest point in
Africa to take his chance. To prepare for the altitude he had undertaken rigorous training, but only days before departing he injured a leg in a fall, casting doubt on his ability to make the long walk. Fortunately, with the help of excellent guides and porters…he made it to the top on a beautiful, clear day in early October. The clouds which often obscure the summit were absent, and Ulrich made a number of fine photographs that day with his Nikon.

After descending the mountain, he went on to Ngorongoro Crater for a few short days for an entirely different type ofphotography. He captured truly iconic African scenes in his unique way, here portraying the tension and graceful balance between predator and prey.

For a complete view of the photos Ulrich took on his journey to Tanzania, plus collections from his other travels, please view His Web Site.

All Photos On This Posting Are © Ulrich Rossmann


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