A Question

What kind of photographer would Henry David Thoreau have been? Considering his spare requirements in life, one can imagine him walking the shoreline of Walden Pond with a compact rangefinder camera tucked in his pocket, processing thoughtful rolls of Black & White film and fibre-based prints in his cabin darkroom. Unless…

It may be heresy to suggest Thoreau carried a digital point-and-shoot, but it would have been simpler than a rangefinder and he might have enjoyed sitting in front of a Cinema Display to tweak images. Why not? Once the photos were processed to his satisfaction he’d hit Print on the inkjet-of-choice and be done with it. Simple. Unless…

What kind of photographer are you?


One thought on “A Question”

  1. Judging by his “be not simply good, but be good for something” statement, one assumes that he was not a Buddhist. And that even for him, results mattered. Therefore, if photography had taken his fancy, and in particular the making of quality prints, I`m sure he would have availed himself of the best digital slr he could have afforded. On the other hand if he would have wanted to produce the best quality multivision show for a public, he would have stuck with slide film and Kodak or Leica carousel projectors!

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