I met Ian Swarbrick and his wife, Adie, at San Pedro House in Arizona, in 2001. It was one of those “passing in the night” encounters: I was looking for Vermillion flycatchers, while he and Adie were documenting anything that passed for The West as they visited from Switzerland. As the forces would have it, the wind was severe that day and we ended up on the porch with cool drinks in hand, trading condensed biographies.

Ian, it turns out, has an Attitude for High Altitudes. He’s been places that would give me the willies, and a nosebleed. And he’s come back with stunning photos from his expeditions, as you can see at his newly-redesigned Web site, Images From The Wild.

What defines Ian for me, though, is his grittiness and good humour, as he faced the consequences of a serious motorbike accident. He never climbed so high as he did recovering from those injuries.


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