Nevada Steam

The day I visited the Nevada Northern Railway Museum in Ely, Nevada, I happened to enjoy a conversation with an 84-years-young woman who was there to take the morning train ride with her daughter. Before she boarded she had described what it was like to live in the South when train travel was an everyday mode of transportation. Every year she bought two new traveling dresses, one black and the other navy blue; there was no air conditioning and passengers contended with embers and soot from the locomotive whenever the coach windows were open. More than anything, she said, she vividly remembered the way a steam train felt.


9 thoughts on “Nevada Steam”

      1. Cool!! 10+ years impressive. I’m only one year in to blogging. We’re going to my folks for a week, free time galore! I’m going to check out your photos for sure!

      1. That’s a good idea. My brother in law works for Burlington Northern and because one of the area power plants isn’t using coal anymore, the railroad laid off a bunch of workers. He kept a job by switching cities. I hope to do the Amtrack this spring/summer. My boy would LOVE it.

        I hope to do my watch post this week while at my folks. Dad has drawers full of pocket watches and they’d sure make nice photos. 🙂

      2. I presume your dad collects these seriously, and they’re not hidden in drawers in the disarray I’m used to? If you do any macro work, soft light, etc., those watches would make a perfect photo collection, too. Good luck, and a great week.

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