The Heat’s On

Here in the Saint Louis, Missouri, area, the sun’s out in full force to greet summer. It’s barely 7 a.m. and already close to 80 degrees. We’re staying a few days with Bob and Marilyn Chandler at their home in Chesterfield before we begin the interstate trek back to Oregon. St. Louis is, of course, the famed home of the Cardinals, and at this moment one of the beautiful male redbirds is breakfasting at one of the Chandlers’ hanging feeders. He’s not alone: chickadees, finches, female cardinals and an occasional titmouse are getting in on the action too, like us trying to beat the heat and humidity.

Sports fans will recognize the Chandlers: they began the Monster Truck industry with the original Bigfoot, the all-time #1 Big Truck that entered the world humbly as a 1974 Ford F-250. In an era when outlandish franchise owners and chest-thumping athletes compete for attention, Bigfoot turns a graceful 31 this year, with the enduring style and class Bob and Marilyn brought to their sport.


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