Disorderly Conduct

When I hear the noun chaos I visualize a wedding photographer beseiged by newly-minted mothers-in-law: “Hurry! They’re going to cut the cake!” “Shoot that again, I know I blinked.” “Why is this taking so long?” And so on, all without an assistant (a last-minute cancel). Now, where is that spare synch cord?

Chaotic is a sucker adjective that attaches readily to descriptions of desks (home or office), birthday parties for young children, and airport terminals at Thanksgiving.

Scientists would have us believe that Chaos is a relatively new field of research, and dress it up as nonlinear science or dynamical systems. Among its students are physicists, mathematicians, chemists, and biologists. But photographers have always confronted the challenges of seemingly random and hard-to-describe systems in nature. We deal with disorder.

Crawling around in wet grass with a macro lens is a wonderful place to find chaos. Sometimes the photos work, more often they don’t, and we keep returning for more in our own disorderly ways.


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